Proactive Audio & Visual ExcellenceProactive, market leaders in audio visual technology, recently introduced Clevertouch Pro, a cutting-edge giant, touchscreen tablet to the corporate marketplace. It’s already saving leading businesses including B&Q thousands of pounds each year.

The Clevertouch Pro interactive touchscreens are a giant, familiar touch screen on the wall of meeting rooms and offices. It is set to replace old fashioned projectors, whiteboards and flip charts.

Clevertouch Pro interactive touchscreens produce a stunning image incorporating 955% more pixels than a data projector. The user can focus in on a particular detail simply by making it bigger by using their fingers or the stylus. The user can annotate on the screen which can be shared in real time with other meeting attendees remotely. Existing video conferencing programmes such as SKYPE can be easily integrated to work with this touchscreen technology. This saves not just time and money but also helps environmentally aware companies cut down their carbon footprint by saving on travel by car, train or plane.

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