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Fixed wires deteriorate over time so it’s important to get them regularly checked. We offer periodic inspection and fixed wire testing. Businesses have to ensure that all electrical equipment and systems are safe to comply with The Electricity at Work Act and it’s also a legal requirement for landlords.

Fixed wire testing involves testing electrical services and systems that conduct electricity in a building. It covers all the hard wiring in a building and includes items such as distribution boards (also known as fuseboards), lighting and sockets.
How often should fixed-wire testing be carried out?

We advise that fixed-wire testing is carried out every five years in home and rental accommodation. For most businesses it’s recommended that fixed-wire testing is carried out at least once a year as a matter of routine and also when there is a change of occupancy.

If you’d like more specific guidelines on how often your business should have fixed-wire testing carried out, please contact us to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need fixed-wire testing. Here are our top five warning signs of faulty electrics:

1. Breakers and fuses tripping regularly
2. Overheating fuseboard or appliances
3. Buzzing sound or burning smell
4. Charred or discoloured sockets
5. Getting a shock from switches and sockets

If you have any one of these warning signs, please contact us and we’ll ensure your electrics are in safe working order.

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