What happens if lightning strikes my building?


Thunderstorms are fascinating and frightening. They present considerable risks for people, animals and building so protection from the possible effects of a thunderstorm is essential.

What type of damage can occur in residential buildings?

Expensive electronic and information technology devices as well as heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems are used in residential buildings and private households. Surges can damage or even completely destroy these devices and systems resulting in thousands of pounds worth of damage.

​What if operation comes to a standstill?

If no protection measures are taken, this can have fatal consequences for a company. A thunderstorm can put information technology, telecommunication and automation system out of operation. As a result, customers may not be served for a longer period of time, which is disastrous for every company. In highly competitive industries with just in time production, this can even threaten the existence of a company.

What is understood by surges and how are they formed?

​Surges are made up of short-time voltage impulses, also referred to as transients, which last less than a second. The following systems may be subjected to the interfering or destructive effects of these transients.

  • Power supply systems
  • Information technology and telecommunication systems
  • Machine and system controllers
  • Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Protection pays off

A comprehensive protection concept is indispensable for protecting sensitive electrical and electronic devices and systems. The coordinated use of surge protective devices (lightning current, surge and combined arresters) is essential.

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