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Switching to LED lighting is a quick and easy way for homes and business to lower energy usage and save money.

Lower energy costs, save money. LED lighting uses less electricity for the same light output. Compared to a standard 60W filament bulb, an 11.5W LED uses 81% less energy.

At home

If you have 30 lamps/lights on for 10 hours per day, you’ll save approximately £214 every year* or 1783.6 kWh. That’s equivalent to:


For businesses, the cost savings can easily accumulate. Based on having 800 lamps/lights on for 10 hours per day, a business will save circa £17,122 every year* or 142,688 kWh. That’s equivalent to:

Easy to install

LED lamps fit into existing sockets so you can enjoy significant savings without any fuss.

Extra functionality

Many LEDs have extra functionality that standard filament bulbs don’t have such as switching between warm and cool light to change the mood at different times of day and can even change colour or flash.

What’s the catch?

LED lighting does cost more initially but with the energy savings quickly pay for themselves and are typically guaranteed for five to seven years.

*Based on an average energy cost of £0.120.

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